Human Foot Bones

Human Foot Bones

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Q & A and some FAQ'

It is illegal for me to sell or ship any human parts to Louisiana, Georgia or Tennessee. If you try to purchase any human products from this company and you are in a state where it is illegal, I will refund your money. So don't try it!

Is this real a real human bone? 

Yep. 100% real human 

These are mostly retired study specimens. However, sometimes I stumble across some old teaching tools. It doesn't matter to me if they are large or small, I do my best to procure what I can so that we can all have a cool piece of something human in our collections.


Is this is a real human bone?

Yes. 100% real human bone. 

While most people seem to aquire complete specimens and cut them apart, I aquire pieces that are already deemed useless. 

It's important to me for everybody to have a bit of human at a reasonable price, if that is what they desire.